Mer Rovno warned about the threat of a Shahid attack: an unknown object flew in from Belarus


Mer Rovno warned about the threat of a Shahid attack: an unknown object flew in from Belarus

The Russian military carried out a massive kamikaze drone attack late in the evening. Residents of Rovno were warned about the possible use of Shahids.

The mayor of Rovno, Alexander Tretyak, addressed the residents of the city during an air raid. He noted that there is a “high probability of a shahid attack.”

The object flew in from Belarus

A request to the residents of the city, do not ignore the air raid warning and stay in a safe place!

The Ukrainian military noticed that “target 9940 minutes 5 ago (as of 22:32 – Channel 24) flew from Stolin towards Dubrovitsa.” They also added that an unknown object was flying to the Rivne region. But it is not known for certain whether it was a “Shahid”, or the same balloon or something.

Note that in the Rivne region, an air raid alarm is heard from 22:09. As of 23:15, no information was received either about the work of air defense or about arrivals. But that doesn't mean you can ignore the sirens. Stay in cover until the all-clear signal is given.

As of 23:11, the monitoring channel reported that one target was flying to the Ternopil region from the Rivne region. However, it is not known what this goal is.

Belarus has not been attacked for a long time

It should be understood that Russia has not been using the airspace of Belarus for a long time in order to carry out attacks on Ukraine. Moreover, the last time this was recorded a few months ago.

This was emphasized by the speaker of the Air Force Yuri Ignat. He noted that the last time from Belarus they attacked Ukraine with Shahid kamikaze drones.

Weapons have not been used from Belarus for a long time. I remember, perhaps, a few months ago Shahids were used – they went along the Dnieper to the Kyiv region, they were shot down there on the way. Currently, the airspace of Belarus is no longer used. Even for the same strikes with S-300, S-400 missiles that were previously launched in the Kiev region, it was from the territory of Russia,” Ignat said.

At the same time, one should not forget that it is Belarus that the enemy uses to regularly intimidate Ukrainians. The MiG-31K, which is a Kinzhal launch vehicle, is being raised into the sky above the country , which is why air alarms are heard throughout the territory of our state.

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