Mercenaries and convicts did not help, Ukrainian flag in Donbas, – Zelensky about battles in the East


Mercenaries and convicts didn't help, – Ukrainian flag in Donbas, – Zelensky about fighting in East

Vladimir Zelensky said that the Russian military command was instructed to capture the Donetsk region before the end of August. However, they did not succeed, and even mercenaries and convicts did not help.

The President of Ukraine said this during an evening address, Channel 24 reports. He noted that the end of August is already tomorrow.

According to him, in Donbass, no matter what, the Ukrainian flag and Ukrainian heroes. “Despite the round-the-clock Russian fire, despite the attempts of the invaders to transfer various mercenaries and “zeks”, etc. there,” he said.

Volodymyr Zelensky once again thanked everyone and everyone who holds firm, defends positions and who aptly “minus” the occupiers, their equipment, logistics, ammunition.

The Armed Forces of our state, our special services, our intelligence are doing everything possible and impossible so that every Russian military man must feel the Ukrainian response to this terrible terror that Russia has brought to our land,” he said.

The President emphasized that throughout the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine – from Crimea to Kharkiv region – the Russian army does not and will not have any safe base, nor a quiet place.

“Our defenders will destroy all warehouses, headquarters of infidels, their equipment, wherever they are located. Near Sevastopol, that means near Sevastopol. Near Lugansk, that means near Luhansk. This is Ukrainian land, and infidels can only do two things : run away or surrender ”, he replied.

Zelensky also noted that active hostilities are taking place almost along the entire front line – both in the south and in the Kharkiv region , and in the Donbass.

Watch Volodymyr Zelensky's message of August 30: video

Mobilization of mercenaries and convicts in Russia: what is known

  • the occupiers are struggling to resupply their troops. To do this, not only covert mobilization is carried out, but also convicts, mercenaries, volunteers, etc. are thrown out to fight.
  • It is known that Russian invaders are trying to attract prisoners from strict regime colonies in remote regions of Russia. There was information that Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is considered the head of the Wagner Military Commissariat, came to one of the correctional institutions to personally recruit “convicts”. After all, the Russian people do not really want to go to war.
  • Also at the end of March, it was reported that Russia sent 1,000 Wagnerites to the East of Ukraine. The decision to attract private fighters is directly related to the significant losses inflicted on the Russian army.
  • Let's add that Russia is also mobilizing in the occupied territory of Donbass, literally from door to door in search of someone to call on. At the same time, the “LPR” has the opportunity to pay off the service.

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