Mercenaries from Syria did not come, – Kovalenko explained why Russia wants Belarus to enter the war


Mercenaries from Syria did not come, – Kovalenko explained why Russia wants Belarus to enter the war

Kovalenko about the threat of an offensive from Belarus/Channel 24 collage

Russia is trying to do everything to drag Belarus into the war against Ukraine. In particular, the Russians can commit terrorist attacks or other provocations. Experts believe that the likelihood of Belarus entering the war is high.

Alexander Kovalenko, a military-political observer of the Information Resistance project, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Russia is now experiencing a huge shortage of the military, they do not have enough people.

The expert noted that Russia cannot use only the potential of its so-called “second army of the world”.

They need any (human resource – channel 24). Mercenaries from Syria did not come, as promised by Bashar al-Assad about 15,000 people. They didn’t come from Libya either,” Kovalenko explained.

He says that in Russia there is currently not enough resource even in the form of some kind of “cannon fodder” that could be used to divert attention in certain areas.

The expert believes that that is why they (the Russians – Channel 24) are trying with all their resources to somehow force Belarus to take part in the war against Ukraine.

But, according to Kovalenko, Russians will not succeed< /strong> .

“They can use these provocations, but Belarusians understand that any participation in this war for their army is a total defeat and disgrace. They will destroy their army in Ukraine altogether “, he added.

The threat of offensive from Belarus: latest news

  • Ukrainian intelligence notes that Belarusian troops can attack Ukraine only as part of the Russian-Belarusian grouping. There are no better strike forces, but Russia can return its troops back to Belarus.
  • The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Vadim Skibitsky said that now there are approximately 1.5 thousand Russian troops in Belarus.
  • In addition, according to the Belarusian telegram channels, the Russians began to take ammunition out of Belarus.
  • The GUR reported earlier that in order to involve Belarusian into the war, the Russian special services are planning to blow up houses in Mozyr.
  • Intelligence officials say that large-scale missile attacks on Ukrainian territory on June 25 are precisely an attempt to drag Belarus into the war against Ukraine.

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