Methane engine for Amur LNG launch vehicle to be built by 2025

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The completion of work on the construction of an engine for the Russian rocket of the Amur-LNG reusable launch vehicle is scheduled for 2025. Information about this appeared on the public procurement website.

The Roscosmos state corporation signed a contract for the construction of the engine back in 2020 with the Chemical Automation Design Bureau.

In July of the same year, the head of the corporation, Dmitry Rogozin, announced the construction of a new commercial middle-class rocket that would run on this engine. According to Rogozin, it will replace the Soyuz-2 missiles.

In September 2020, the private Russian company CosmoCourse announced its participation in the tender for the creation of Amur-LNG. This was the first time that a private enterprise was admitted to the tender for the construction of a launch vehicle. But he failed to win the tender.

Then, in addition to KosmoKurs, the Progress Rocket and Space Center, which manufactures Soyuz missiles, and the Khrunichev Center, which produces Protons and Angara, participated in the tender.

At the time, Roskosmos noted that the first stage of the rocket would be reusable.

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