Mexico will propose a plan for an immediate truce in Ukraine for at least 5 years

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Mexico will propose a plan for an immediate truce in Ukraine for at least 5 years

The proposal to cease hostilities during the war unleashed by the Kremlin will be announced by the head of the Mexican Foreign Ministry at the UN General Assembly in New York.

On Friday, September 16, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard would propose a plan to create a “Committee for Dialogue and Peace” to immediately end hostilities in Ukraine .

This is reported by CNN, citing a statement by the Mexican leader during a speech at the Independence Day military parade in Mexico City.

The proposal will seek to achieve a truce for at least five years .

The plan will be made public at the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York. According to the President of Mexico, he will allow time to be devoted to “solving significant and serious economic and social problems affecting the peoples of the world.”

At the same time, López Obrador criticized the sanctions against Russia and the “massive supply” of weapons to Ukraine, calling them “actions that contributed to the confrontation.”

The Mexican proposal calls for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pope Francis and UN Secretary General António Guterres to mediate in the new Committee. This, in his opinion, will give rise to direct negotiations between the leaders of Ukraine and Russia.

Recall that Pope Francis recently said that it is “morally acceptable” to supply weapons to Ukraine so that it can protect itself from Russian aggression.< /p>

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