MH17 case: Dutch prosecutors should announce sentences to those accused of shooting down a plane over Donbas

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 Case MH17: Dutch prosecutors must announce sentences to those accused of shooting down an aircraft over Donbas

The court plans to make a final decision at the end of next year.

Punishment for 298 killed on flight MH17. Today the Dutch prosecutors are to announce what sentences they will require for those responsible for the tragedy in the skies over Donbass in 2014.

This was reported on the air of TSN.Rank December 22.

The meetings at which the charges are announced have been going on for the third day. Prosecutors managed to provide evidence against four accused of involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing. We are talking about three citizens of Russia – Sergei Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov and Igor Girkin and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko. None of them are present at the hearing, they are being tried in absentia .

The court also confirmed that it was the plane was shot down by a Buk missile launcher brought from Russia and no other weapon. After the indictment has been announced, the hearings will resume in March, when the defense will be able to lay out its arguments. The final decision in the case of MH17 the court plans to make at the end of next year .

As a reminder, the passenger Boeing of Malaysian Airlines was shot down on July 17 2014 over the temporarily occupied part of the Donetsk region. 298 people died . The international investigation team has no doubts that the airliner was shot down by the Russians from a Russian Buk missile launcher brought in from Russia.

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