Microsoft announced attacks by Russian hackers

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Microsoft announced attacks by Russian hackers

Moscow. June 26. INTERFAX.RU – Microsoft Corporation announced new hacker attacks by the Nobelium group, which the US government considers Russian. Writes about this Axios. Earlier, these hackers allegedly attacked the IT company SolarWinds.

According to Microsoft, the group committed crimes against both individual users and various organizations, as well as government agencies.

The corporation indicates that it is aware of three successful attacks, while all other targets of the hackers were not harmed. Microsoft noted that it reported the cybercriminals' activity to all those whom they tried to hack.

The company itself was also attacked – a program designed to steal data was found on one of the computers of a Microsoft employee. The hackers were able to use the obtained information for their own purposes, however, according to the company, the jailbroken device is now protected.

In December 2020, US media reported that hackers affiliated with a foreign government had compromised systems owned by US government agencies. A number of US officials have said that the hacker group APT29 or Cozy Bear, allegedly linked to Russian intelligence, is likely behind the cyberattacks. Later it became known that the cyberattack was aimed at SolarWinds.

As a result, the United States imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation in response to an attack against SolarWinds. The restrictions included, in particular, six Russian IT companies that, according to the United States, supported the cyber activity of Russian intelligence.

Russia has repeatedly denied all accusations by the American side.

This week, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that the US administration is not going to warn the Russian Federation in advance what will be the response measures in the event of new cyber attacks against American companies and structures.

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