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Microsoft blamed

Microsoft accused “Russian hackers” of cyberattack on 150 organizations

Microsoft has announced a new large-scale cyberattack by the Nobelium hacker group responsible for the SolarWinds software attack.

According to the American authorities, the group is allegedly linked to Russia.

“With this latest attack, Nobelium attempted to attack about 3,000 individual accounts in over 150 organizations,” the message says.

According to Microsoft, government departments and nongovernmental organizations have been affected by the hackers.

The company explains that the attackers gained access to the account of the American Agency for International Development (USAID) in the Constant Contact email marketing service, after which they sent letters to their victims with a link to the malicious file.

At the same time, some of these attacks were blocked by Microsoft software.

In 2020, a large-scale cyberattack was recorded through the software of the SolarWind company, as a result of which several US federal agencies were affected. The American authorities blamed Russia for the incident, while Moscow has repeatedly denied unsubstantiated allegations of cyberattacks.

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