Microsoft's Edge browser adds “super-duper-safe mode”

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Microsoft's Edge browser adds

Microsoft has added an experimental mode to its Edge browser called Super Duper Secure Mode. Thanks to this innovation, it will be more difficult to launch malicious code by disabling some optimizations. You can test the function in the Canary, Dev and Beta versions. If the experiment is successful, then the mode can be applied to other browsers.

To make the browser “super-duper-safe”, the developers have disabled the JavaScript engine's Just-In-Time (JIT) feature. This engine improves performance. At the same time, it is susceptible to vulnerabilities: according to Mozilla, since 2018, more than half of browser malware has affected JIT in one way or another.

According to the DTF portal, disabling the mechanism may affect the speed of the browser. In turn, the developers are confident that users are unlikely to notice the difference.

Instead of JIT, experts integrated two security technologies into Edge that conflicted with it – Intel's Controlflow-Enforcement Technology (CET) hardware protection and Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG). As conceived by Microsoft, “super-duper-mode” should only be enabled on resource-intensive or suspicious resources.

DTF recalled that Edge is based on Chromium and uses the same JavaScript engine (V8) as Chrome. Therefore, if the new version is successful, it can be applied to other browsers as well.

Earlier, “Secret” wrote that Microsoft paid $ 13.6 million in reward to cybersecurity researchers for the vulnerabilities found.

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