Migration crisis: Polish soldier killed on border with Belarus

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 crisis: a Polish soldier died on the border with Belarus

According to preliminary information, the soldier had no contact with migrants at the border

A Polish soldier was killed on the border with Belarus.

This was reported by the Polsat TV channel.

According to preliminary information, death did not occur during the exercise of official powers

“During the actions near the Polish-Belarusian border, an accident occurred, as a result of which a soldier of the 17th Wielkopolska Mechanized Brigade died”, – the TV channel reports excerpts from the message of the unit command.

According to initial data, there was a shot from a service weapon, which resulted in the death of a soldier.

The TV channel notes that contact with migrants at the border near there was no soldier.

  • The self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko wants to deploy Russian Iskanders at the border . The impact of these rocket launchers extends to a distance of 500 km.
  • Meanwhile, due to the migration crisis, Poland decided to build by mid-2022 a 180-kilometer wall 5.5 meters high on the border with Belarus.

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