MiGs will increase defense capability, but Ukraine needs modern fighters, – Karaya pilot


MiGs will increase defense capability, but Ukraine needs modern fighters, - Karaya pilot

Poland and Slovakia will jointly hand over 33 MiG-29s to Ukraine. Aircraft will increase the defense capability of our state. However, Ukraine needs modern fighters.

This was stated by the Hero of Ukraine, the famous pilot Karaya. The military also explained why the MiG-29s themselves are not enough.

Vadim Voroshilov stressed that Ukraine is very grateful to our partners for providing comprehensive assistance, especially Poland and Slovakia for the transfer of the MiG-29. The pilot noted that this would greatly increase the defense capability and the efficiency of performing current tasks. In addition, it will be a good reserve for completing and repairing existing aircraft.

They (MiG-29 – Channel 24) will help in carrying out current tasks, but will not give the potential for offensive operations and gaining complete dominance in the air, – said Karaya.

For this, Ukraine urgently needs modern aircraft, like the F-16. “I invite other partner countries to join the transfer of modern fighters and become a steel wing in the liberation of the Ukrainian sky from enemy metal!” – called Voroshilov.

Why Ukraine needs F-16s

In an exclusive interview with Channel 24, the press secretary of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized that Ukraine needs F-16 aircraft first of all to repel the rocket attacks of the invaders.

We need such aircraft primarily to protect against Russian terrorist missile attacks on our cities and critical infrastructure. They will become a significant component of the overall air defense, – said Yuri Ignat.

He explained that MiG and Su aircraft, which Ukraine now has, cannot effectively shoot down cruise missiles and Shahids. At the same time, F-16 fighters with powerful radar and modern missiles will make it possible to shoot down these targets effectively.

In addition, as Ignat emphasized, the F-16 is a platform with a wide range of weapons that can deliver powerful strikes against ground targets, and even sea targets.

“We need an aircraft with long-range weapons that can effectively launch HARM missiles, launch various types of modern ammunition that NATO countries are armed with. These are very good missiles, guided aerial bombs and other weapons,” said the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He also stressed that Ukraine does not need F-16s to attack Russian territory with them. Our state seeks only to liberate its territories, in particular, the Donbass and Crimea occupied by the aggressor state.

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