Military equipment removed from long-term storage in Belarus


Belarus began removing military equipment from long-term storage

In Belarus, on January 24, they started de-preservation of equipment for long-term storage. They also showed photos from the places where this process is taking place.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. Exactly where this process takes place is unknown.

How this process takes place

They noted that “as part of the joint activities of combat coordination of the regional grouping of forces of Belarus and Russia, units of the 11th separate mechanized brigade began to remove equipment from long-term storage.” The Ministry of Defense published a photo from the scene.

Belarus began to remove military equipment from long-term storage: see photo

Recall.On January 16, near the Ukrainian border, joint flight tactical training of aviation units of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia, which are part of the regional grouping of troops, started. They will last until February 1.

Russia overturns its equipment in Belarus

  • In January, a systematic transfer of Russian equipment to Belarus is recorded. On January 5, a batch of new BTR-82A, BTR-80K, armored medical and repair and recovery vehicles arrived there. It was reported that this equipment would go to Belarusian special operations units.
  • On the night of January 7, Russia sent more one echelon, in which there were 700 – 800 Russian invaders.
  • Belarusian analysts recorded that on January 8, a train with equipment and personnel of the Russian armed forces arrived at the Baranovichi-Polessky railway station.
  • According to them, there were about 30 platform wagons with equipment, 2 freight wagons with ammunition/equipment and 2 passenger wagons with personnel – about 100 people. Among the equipment were seen: at least 8 KamAZ trucks, at least 6 MT-LB tractors and at least 2 1V15 artillery vehicles.
  • In addition, Russia sent 9 helicopters to Belarus for joint military exercises.
  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the overturning of equipment. It was reported that the Russians are bringing used equipment and a lot of weapons to Belarus. It is known that the equipment has been removed from long-term storage and requires maintenance, which, in particular, involves Belarusian military personnel.

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