Military Expert Says Patriot Can Shoot Down Russian Kinzhals


Military expert said if Patriot can shoot down Russian Daggers

Russia continues to attack Ukraine with Kinzhal ballistic missiles. Thanks to the Patriot air defense system, which the United States will transfer to Ukraine, our military will be able to shoot down Russian “Daggers”.

Such an opinion on the airChannel 24expressed the military expert, editor-in-chief of Defense Express Oleg Katkov. It is known that columns with Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems were noticed in Warsaw.

Are “Daggers” hypersonic missiles

The Russian media talk about that “Dagger” is a hypersonic missile system. Oleg Katkov noted that the Russian Ministry of Defense published more than 5 frames in which the missile hits the target.

According to the military expert, if the “Dagger” were hypersonic, then a conventional camera could capture it in a maximum of one photo.


“Dagger” hits immediately on 5 – 8 frames. If it had hypersonic speed, then a camera with a shooting frequency of 24-30 frames per second would have captured only 1 frame at best,” Katkov said.

Katkov spoke about Russian Kinzhals: watch the video

Patriot air defense systems will be able to shoot down Kinzhals

Katkov explained how the Kinzhal flies. First, the rocket accelerates, then due to the friction force in the air, it loses speed.

“Already at the target, the Kinzhal really falls like a ballistic missile with angles of 80-90 degrees. But by gravity. At the terminal section, its engine does not work. The rocket speed is up to Mach 2,” he said.

< p>According to a military expert, the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system can destroy the Russian “Daggers”.

Training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Patriot air defense system

  • Ukrainian military ahead of schedule training on Patriot systems. In a few weeks they will finish training in the United States.
  • Ukrainians arrived at the Fort Sill military base in Oklahoma in mid-January. At that time, the Pentagon stated that their training in working with a modern air defense system would last several months.
  • Ukrainian Defense Attache in the United States Boris Kremenetsky stressed that the specialists who left for training have experience working with air defense systems, they know the basics of action, the basics of air defense systems, that is, the basic elements do not need to be taught to them.

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