Military mini-coup in Russia ended in partial success


Military mini-coup in Russia ended with partial success

Colonel Mikhail Mikhailovich Khodarenok, ex-group chief of the 1st Direction of the 1st Directorate of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, published on February 3 ( !) 2022 in the “NVO” prophetic article “Forecasts of bloodthirsty political scientists.” Read more in the exclusive blog for the Channel 24 website.

The Colonel's own opinion has cost him dearly

In essence, it was an analytical note of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, publicly sent to the most bloodthirsty political scientist.

It ended in a military clear and substantive recommendation to the addressee:

“Armed conflict Ukraine fundamentally does not meet the national interests of Russia. Therefore, it is better for some overexcited Russian experts to forget about their hatred fantasies. And in order to prevent further reputational losses, never remember again.”

Free-thinking cost the brave colonel dearly. For the entire duration of the so-called “special operation”, bloodthirsty political scientists sentenced him to imprisonment in the Skabeevsky tent. oaken lieutenant. At the same time, he manages from time to time to transmit to the city and the world important signals from the leadership of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces through the head of a bloodthirsty political scientist.

Successful mini-coup

The communication session, which the colonel went on January 26, was the first since the “under-night of long knives” from January 10 to 11. 89 years ago, the leadership of the Reichswehr demanded that Hitler save them from the attacks and claims of Ernst Röhm and his SA PMC. Generals Shoigu and Gerasimov, who have already been assigned by Prigozhin to the caste of the omitted, turned to Vladimir Putin with similar demands in relation to the Russian “Rem” (Evgeny Prigozhin).

In fact, it was a military mini-coup that ended in partial success. Prigozhin's henchman Surovikin was removed, and Gerasimov returned to the leadership of the army.

Our “Ram” has not yet received a pistol with one cartridge from the Fuhrer, but suffered a serious hardware defeat. Just like the bloodthirsty political scientist himself. The first in his 23 years in power. The generals felt some new subjectivity.

But back to our hero. The alarmed second lieutenant began a conversation the other day about “Shells” on the roofs of buildings in Moscow. Khodoronok answered her, as it should be according to the charter – with daring and stupidity – but unexpectedly returned the English words “Storm Shadow”.

I first heard them a month and a half ago at Government Hour in the British House of Commons. Conservative MP Boris Johnson asked Defense Secretary Ben Wallace: “Is there an effective weapon in the UK that could help Ukraine protect its cities from Russian terrorist attacks?”

“Yes – < /em>the minister answered,– We have Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles that would allow Ukraine to retaliate deep into Russian territory, both against enemy airfields and other targets. If the barbaric Russian attacks continue, we will consider transferring these missiles to our Ukrainian allies.”

The barbaric attacks continue, so there are reports that the British are working with the Poles to equip Soviet aircraft with Storm Shadow missiles, which Poland has long planned to transfer to Ukraine. Khodarenko's signal means that the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces is considering this prospect seriously and would like to take the discussion into the public sphere.

How to save thousands of lives

В As part of this academic discussion, I propose the following humanitarian initiative that will save tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives.

The UK and Poland inform the city and the world that they have decided to provide Ukraine with Storm Shadow cruise missiles. The ongoing tragedy of Ukrainian cities before the eyes of the whole world does not allow them to wait for the procedure of formal approval by all NATO countries. They are ready to provide missiles as soon as possible, but first they offer international mediators (Erdogan, Pope Francis?) to urgently reach an understanding between the parties on mutual renunciation of air attacks on each other's cities.

If the mediators do not succeed, the missiles will be transferred to Ukraine immediately after the first new Russian attack by Ukrainian cities.

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