Military registration and enlistment office in Russian Nizhnevartovsk showered with Molotov cocktails



According to the telegram channel, the information about the fire in the military registration and enlistment office was received by the police at about 3:20.

The first cocktail immediately went out, and the second one set the wooden paneling on fire – the fire was extinguished by the police who came to the call. On the spot, they found another unused cocktail.

Russian law enforcement officers opened criminal cases on:

  • deliberate destruction or damage to property,
  • hooliganism.

Suspects are still being sought. It should be noted that on May 2, in the center of Moscow, on Revolution Square, the security forces detained a man who threw a Molotov cocktail into an OMON car.

An unknown person threw a Molotov cocktail at the Russian military registration and enlistment office: watch the video

We add that in early March in the city of Lukhovitsa, Moscow Region of Russia, a man burned the military registration and enlistment office in order not to go to war with Ukraine. Thus, he intended to destroy the personal files of conscripts and disrupt the mobilization.

The Russian explained that he did not intend to carry out the criminal orders of the authorities, and hoped that he had prevented unjustified bloodshed among his classmates and friends. He also called on fellow citizens to take the same active and radical actions, since street protests do not give the desired result.

In Russia, covert mobilization continues

Kafirs have appeared big problems with reserves. Therefore, a covert “mobilization” began in Russia. According to Ukrainian intelligence, the aggressor state is recruiting “volunteers.” Before the war, Ukraine wants to attract Cossacks from the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region.

Occupiers are primarily interested in:

  • unemployed people left without work due to the imposition of sanctions against Russia;
  • former military (in particular, those who live in other post-Soviet countries).

The Primorsky Territory is also looking for those who want to take part in hostilities. They offer “volunteers” a salary – from 200 thousand rubles. Agitate in the “volunteer” and in such areas as Bryansk, Kursk and Begorodsk. They call for signing contracts for 3 months. These regions are also preparing for a possible announcement of partial mobilization.

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