Military registration for women will not be voluntary for everyone: who must serve


Military registration for women will not be voluntary for everyone: who must serve

People's deputies put an end to the issue of military registration of women and adopted the corresponding bill No. 6482. Yes, Ukrainian women can only be registered with the military voluntarily.

However, doctors will have to serve without fail. This was announced by the head of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Alexander Zavitnevich.

Who can be registered with the military

At the level of the law, it is stipulated that women can be registered for military registration under two conditions:

  • only voluntarily;
  • provided that their specialty or profession is related to the military registration specialty in troops.

We have legally fixed that this will be voluntary, but we have left the mandatory registration for medical workers, as it has always been, – said Alexander Zavitnevich.

He also stressed that as of today, not a single physician has been mobilized in ranks of the Armed Forces. All health workers came only voluntarily. Moreover, now there is no need for doctors in the army.

Pay attention! The politician stressed that the order of the Ministry of Defense on the list of required specialties may change.

The Ministry of Defense also reported that about 38,000 women are now serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, of which about 5,000 were on the front lines as of July this year. for a year

As you know, earlier in the government they said that from October 1, Ukrainian women will need to register certain professions in the military. However, all this was decided to be postponed for another year. Thus, on September 6, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov signed an order to postpone the registration of women in the relevant professions and specialties until October 1, 2023.

Now women can register for military service and perform military service only voluntarily.

As lawyer Lydia Karplyuk emphasized, at present, no responsibility can be applied to women who have not been registered with the military, as well as their right to travel abroad on this basis cannot be limited.

p> More details about the mobilization of women, punishment for those who will not be registered and the possibility of their going abroad, read the link.

Mobilization in Ukraine: latest news

    < li>October 1, Vladimir Zelensky canceled the autumn draft, and also postponed the transfer to the reserve and demobilization. Thus, demobilization will be carried out no earlier than the announcement in the prescribed manner.
  • However, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of additional mobilization. He only noted that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would make the appropriate decision.

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