Military ship capsized in Iranian port: photo and video

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 military ship capsized in Iranian port: photo and video

The incident occurred in the dry dock during the construction of the ship.

In the port of the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas the Iranian Navy ship Talayieh capsized in the south of the country.

According to The Jerusalem Post on Monday, December 6, video from the scene of the incident is being published on social networks.

The warship was located in dry dock as the construction phase was still in progress. According to unofficial information, at least one person died as a result of the frigate capsizing.

The Bender Abbas dock accident was also reported by the director of applications at the HawkEye 360 ​​data analytics company Chris Biggers, tweeting satellite imagery.

Recall that the United States considers Iran responsible for the drone attack on the American military base “Al-Tanf” in southern Syria .

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