“Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, are you sleeping?”: Occupants were trolled in the State Emergency Service because of “claps” in Crimea


 "Emergency Ministry of Russia, are you sleeping?": occupants were trolled in the State Emergency Service because of Ukrainian rescuers did not ignore today's explosions in the temporarily occupied Crimea. They turned to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, noting that he needed to do better “prophylaxis”.


“Soft cotton, occupiers”

The State Emergency Service surprisingly aptly ridiculed Russian “colleagues” and their incompetence in the work of rescuers, noting that they allowed smoking at high-risk facilities. After all, it was the “violation of fire safety” that turned out to be another cause of the explosions near Novofedorovka.

“Unfortunately, the abyss in your security standards is deeper than the length of the Kremlin dictator's desk,” the Russians were trolled by the State Emergency Service.

Also, our rescuers reminded the invaders that now a high level of fire danger has been declared on the territory of Ukraine, of course, including Crimea.

That is why we call on all Russian citizens vacationing in our Crimea to throw cigarette butts a little more accurately near Russian military bases and actively smoke near ammunition storage depots. they added.

In addition, they wished the invaders a “soft clap” and illustrated an appeal to the Ministry of Emergencies with an accurate meme.

Explosions near a military airfield in Crimea: what is known

  • After 15:20 on August 9 near Novofedorovka, where the military airfield of the invaders is located, explosions were heard. According to local information, they heard about 15 characteristic “pops”.
  • The explosions were on the territory of the Saki airfield, from which Russian bombers and fighters took off attacking the south of Ukraine. It is known that Su-24M, Su-30SM, Su-33 planes were stationed there.
  • Immediately after the “clap”, panic began. The beaches were empty, tourists began to flee the scene, forming huge traffic jams.
  • The Russian leadership and propagandists began to panic, because they needed to explain the causes of the explosions. Yes, at first the enemy’s Ministry of Defense stated that several ammunition had simply detonated at the airfield, and nothing terrible had happened. However, contrary to their reassurance, they announced the evacuation of the population.
  • Later, the “official” version was changed to “violation of fire safety”.
  • Ordinary Russians also reacted to the “claps” – they demanded powerful rocket strikes on peaceful Ukrainian cities. This is the traditional “innocent little people” reaction.

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