Minus another warehouse with ammunition: APU hit the base of the occupiers in Svatovo


Minus one more ammunition depot: Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the base of invaders in Svatovo

In the occupied territories, in particular in the Luhansk region, the life of the Russians is extremely restless. The regional military administration reported explosions at the occupiers' ammunition depots in Svatovo.

For several weeks, the situation on the Svatovo-Kremennaya sector in the Lugansk direction has remained one of the most difficult on the entire front line. However, the Armed Forces manage to carry out preparations for a counteroffensive and eliminate enemy weapons depots.

What is known about the liquidation of the occupiers' ammunition depot by the Ukrainian army

On Monday, January 2, the Luhansk District Military District reported that for almost two weeks the Armed Forces of Ukraine had observed and recorded the number of Urals that entered the territory of the military base in Svatovo. Soon the Ukrainian army managed to destroy the enemy warehouse. At the same time, this was confirmed in the StratCom of the Ukrainian army.

During this time, the Russians and local collaborators quietly imported ammunition there (combat kits – Channel 24), – noted in the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

Where exactly was the base of the occupiers located in Svatovo/Screenshot from Google maps

What is the general situation in the Luhansk direction

    < li> Recently, the British Ministry of Defense commented on the fighting in the Luhansk region. In particular, British intelligence officers indicated that they could undermine the defense of the Russian invaders. Actually, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to take full control of the P66 highway, this would further undermine the Russian defense of Kremennaya.
  • Experts do not deny that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can repeat the Kharkiv blitzkrieg in one more direction – that is, Luhansk. However, a number of factors influence the situation, including the weather and landscape of the region. Therefore, it will not be so easy for the Ukrainian army to regain control of the lands occupied by Russia.

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