Mixes the enemy with the ground: what is the powerful artillery system of Zuzana 2 capable of


Mixing the enemy with the ground: what the powerful Zuzana 2 artillery system is capable of

Zuzana 2 artillery system will help crush the infidels/Collage 24 channel

Zuzana 2 is a Slovak self-propelled artillery mount, one of the most long-range systems in the world. This is a modern, almost autonomous weapon designed to mix enemies with the ground.

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  • 3Zuzana 2 can turn into a tank
  • 4Shoot from this artillery system can also be used at night
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Zuzana 2 can reach the enemy from a distance of 40 kilometers. And at the same time, it fires 6 shots per minute, and its wheelbase allows you to quickly move from one position to another.

The development of Zuzana 2 started back in 2009. However, only in 2021 it was put into service with the Slovak army. These are fully equipped, modern and modernized systems. The price for one such SPG starts at almost 6 million euros.

Mixing the enemy with the ground: what the powerful Zuzana 2 artillery system can do

This is what the Slovak Zuzana 2 SPG looks like/Video screenshot

In 2022, with the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, they started talking about the supply of these weapons for us. Today it is the most advanced self-propelled gun in the world, and it is new.

Help! Slovak Defense Minister Yaroslav Nay confirmed that the weapon has already been transferred to Ukraine. The firing range of Slovak howitzers is 41 kilometers. Interestingly, Zuzana howitzers were intended for the Slovak army. However, the country decided to give priority to Ukraine and postponed the delivery of its own army systems. dir=”ltr”>What the Zuzana 2 comes with:

  • Automatic reload for increased rate of fire.
  • On-board computer that allows you to quickly aim and work with digital maps.

It will also exchange data with other self-propelled guns of the same type and independently calculate weather conditions. All this happens in seconds.

Mixing the enemy with the ground: what the powerful Zuzana 2 artillery system can do

Zuzana 2 artillery system characteristics/Video screenshot

If automation fails, you can transfer Zuzana 2 to manual mode. For example, in one minute this gun fires 6 shots. With manual reloading, this figure will be reduced to 2 shots.

And yet, even in the event of malfunctions, Zuzana 2 will not leave the firing position, but will continue to perform its main task – to destroy the enemy.

Zuzana 2 has a standard NATO caliber of 155 millimeters. Its maximum firing range is 40 kilometers. The crew consists of only 4 people: commander, driver, gunner and loader.

The rate of fire is 6 shots in the first minute of operation and 5 shells each subsequent.

At the same time, Zuzana 2 can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. And the power reserve is 600 kilometers.

Watch the full episode of the Weapons of Victory program:

The Zuzana 2 turret rotates 360 degrees . And this is a big advantage. Indeed, unlike trailed howitzers, this system does not need to be rearranged. It can fire at everything around at a distance of 40 kilometers from one point.

At the same time, the computer systems of the gun can fire several projectiles at once with different trajectories, but in the end they will hit the target at the same time.

This is necessary in order to disorient the enemy and not let him know exactly where the fire is coming from. This will make it harder for the Russians to understand where the Ukrainian artillery is located.

Zuzana 2 can fire any 155 mm NATO caliber projectile. Including M982 Excalibur GPS-controlled systems.

And in general, this SPG is capable of combining ammunition . For example, first fire high-explosive long-range shells in a hinged trajectory, like any other self-propelled guns.

And make the next salvo with anti-tank ammunition, but for direct aiming at armored targets. Yes, Zuzana 2 can easily turn into a tank if necessary. All thanks to the automated calculation system and the design of this machine.

True, she does not have enough armor for a tank. Still, it's an artillery mount. And the crew is protected from small arms fire and fragments from enemy artillery. There is a machine gun for self-defense .

Fire from such self-propelled guns can be fired at any time of the day. It is equipped with a thermal imaging sight and night vision devices. They are needed in case enemy DRGs plan to sneak in close to destroy the installation.

Mixes the enemy with the ground: what powerful artillery can do Zuzana 2 system

Zuzana 2 can work even at night /Video screenshot

In this case, they can be eliminated even from a distance of 5.5 kilometers, thanks to direct fire and a machine gun in service.

Zuzana 2 has an armored wheelbase 8×8. This modification gives speed and mobility. After all, the self-propelled guns can quickly move between firing positions.

It is interesting that it can even overcome a ford almost one and a half meters deep, overcome slopes of 60 degrees and move through two-meter trenches.

The Zuzana 2 self-propelled guns are a great addition for artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, the most common Russian systems, still the Soviet-style MSTA, can fire at only 25 kilometers. And this is as much as 15 kilometers less than the Slovak artillery.

So it's easy to guess who will emerge victorious from such an artillery battle.

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