Mobile specialist criticizes Apple's new lineup

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Mobile specialist criticizes Apple's new lineup

Apple's new lineup practically repeats the previous one, with the exception of changes in a small number of characteristics. One gets the feeling that the company does not know where to go next, and what other functions could be offered to the user. This opinion was expressed in a conversation with “” by a specialist in mobile devices and gadgets Alexander Pobyvanets.

On September 14, Apple held its traditional fall presentation. Unlike last year, this time the event took place just in time – on the third week of the first autumn month. The company introduced new smartphones, iPads and Apple Watch.

Genre crisis

Pobyvanets noted that due to the difficult economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, companies prefer not to risk inventing something new, but to offer users already proven technologies. Perhaps this is the reason for the lack of radically new features in the latest line of Apple.

“There is no strong desire to switch to the iPhone 13 after 12. In general, the update is of a cosmetic nature, the expert noted. – They announced an increase in performance compared to devices on android, although it would be more logical to compare with their own models. Of course, the most interesting thing here seems to be the IPhone 13 Pro Max, which has a new, improved camera. The rest of the models differ from the IPhone 12 only in the arrangement of the modules, that is, if you pick up the latest model, those around you will only know about it thanks to the cameras. “

The expert believes that users would like to see new features in the device that will radically differ from the previous line. But, apparently, the IPhone 12 turned out to be so thoughtful and refined that the company does not understand where it can now go and in which direction to develop.

Only the iPad mini is of some interest. According to rumors, it was supposed to be presented only at the end of October, but the date was suddenly taken and postponed, showing us the smallest tablet. Its design has not changed for many years, it is a simple and understandable device, but, of course, we would like more global external changes. There is a feeling that Apple simply does not know where to go next and what else to offer. Yes, they slightly increased the amount of memory, but Android devices still have more of it, so here the company is rather lagging behind, ”Pobyvanets noted.

The specialist summed up that in the new line everyone hoped to see new features that would change the sensation of the device. But in the end, everything will be limited to buying the same gadget as before, but in a new color. In his opinion, the presentation turned out to be rather boring, which is a very disturbing sign for the company.

The expected functions associated with advanced health monitoring – a body temperature tracker, a non-invasive blood glucose meter – were saved by the company for later. Earlier, authoritative insider Mark Gurman reported that these features will appear at best in 2022. The Apple Watch SE, introduced last year, hasn't been updated.

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