Mobilization and travel abroad: what will change for artists


Mobilization and travel abroad: what will change for artists

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, mobilization has continued, restricting the departure of men liable for military service between the ages of 18 and 60. However, there are certain exceptions for men in creative professions.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy Galina Grigorenko. According to her, so far the rules have not changed dramatically – only one document has been added.

What is being said

The rules were supplemented only by the fact that we ask for data on the military registration of men who want to leave in accordance with the law: either a registered certificate, or a military ID, or a temporary certificate of a person liable for military service. Maintaining these documents is the responsibility of an individual,” Grigorenko noted.

She also added that for the government, this innovation is only an additional guarantee that the person knowingly asks for the opportunity to leave for a while to participate in an art event.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister stressed that the “letter of assistance” from the Ministry of Culture does not guarantee the artist's exit from Ukraine. The Ministry additionally informs persons planning to travel abroad about the list of all necessary certificates for obtaining an exit permit in a letter of explanation.

What changes have been made to the rules for traveling artists abroad

Minister of Culture Alexander Tkachenko spoke about the innovations for artists, journalists and artists about traveling abroad during martial law.

“We have prepared changes to the procedure for the departure of artists, artists, journalists, where there are two or three key points,” Tkachenko emphasized.

In particular, the following changes are provided:

  • artists, journalists and artists must submit confirmation from their organizations that military records are kept in these organizations;
  • it is necessary to provide contracts regarding the purpose for which they, in fact, leave and the purpose – whether it is the promotion of Ukrainian culture or fundraising;
  • artists, artists and journalists must provide reports on what they have done;
  • You can only leave for 60 days.

What preceded this

  • Comedian Andrey Shchegel received three subpoenas in Ukraine, but still managed to go abroad as an artist. Already in Turkey, he disgraced himself with cynical phrases about Ukraine, and then asked for forgiveness.
  • Ukrainian director and music video director Taras Golubkov also received permission to cross the border, although he lied to the Ministry of Culture about the purpose of the trip. He said that he allegedly wanted to make a video about Ukraine, but in fact he shot a video for Russian Klava Koka.
  • Therefore, the Ministry of Culture announced the changes. They prepared a stricter procedure for obtaining exit permits for men of military age. In addition, some artists have already turned back the border guards and are not allowed to cross the border.

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