Mobilization in Russia will be very different from what Putin imagines it to be, – opposition journalist


Mobilization in Russia will be completely different from what Putin, an opposition journalist, imagines

In Russia, most citizens are not ready to fight with weapons in their hands against Ukraine. They are looking for ways to avoid the Kremlin call.

Putin's decision has changed public sentiment and brought war to Russia. Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told channel 24 about this.

The expert noted that the question of whether there will be mass protests in Russia after the announcement of partial mobilization is debatable.

The fact that the mobilization that Putin announced – it certainly will not happen in the form in which he imagines it to be organized. It's obvious to me. That is, people will simply avoid it, they will hide, change their place of residence. Nobody wants to die. There is nothing for the Russians to fight for, since the vast majority do not perceive this war,” Yakovenko explained.

Do ordinary Russians support Putin’s mobilization: watch the video

According to him, Putin's decision means that “war came to Russia for the first time”.

“Until now, the war was” somewhere on TV, it was possible to fight ” on the couch”, and now the war has come to Russia and this does not suit the majority of Russians, who were indifferent that Ukrainians are being killed somewhere and they themselves are dying. And now, when there is a real threat of being sent to the front, this does not suit anyone. Therefore everyone will avoid it,” the opposition leader added.

He stressed that after Putin's statement, society began to panic.

“Free tickets for flights to Turkey, Armenia, Georgia have actually disappeared. That is, people began to try to get away from mobilization in any way,” the observer summed up.


Partial mobilization announced in Russia: what is known

  • Today, September 21, the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization in Russia. The Kremlin plans to mobilize up to 300 thousand people behind it.
  • Everyone was intrigued by the 7th secret point. The speaker of the dictator, Dmitry Peskov, made it clear that he was talking about the number of mobilized.
  • Before that, on September 20, militants of quasi-formations in the Donbass and Gauleiters of the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions announced a pseudo-referendum for “entry” into Russia. Russian henchmen are in such a hurry that “referendums” have been scheduled for September 23-27.
  • At the same time, the Russian State Duma amended the Criminal Code on crimes during mobilization and martial law.

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