Mobilization in Ukraine: how a military man can change his place of service


Mobilization in Ukraine: how a military man can change his place of service

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. And there are situations when the military needs to be transferred to another military unit.

Lawyer Mikhail Lobunko explained how a serviceman can change his place of service.

How to change location

In order for a serviceman to move to another place of service, he needs to have a special document – an attitude from a military unit.

Mikhail Lobunko clarified that most often the attitude is necessary in the case when a serviceman, due to his state of health or marital status, must serve at the place of residence. That is, if the service takes place in another region, and the serviceman has the right to pass it at the place of residence, then an attitude is required from the military unit at the place of residence.

The lawyer explained that this is a kind of confirmation that the military unit at the place of residence is ready to accept and enlist such a serviceman and there is a place for him in such a unit.

How to get this document

  • The procedure for obtaining a relationship and moving in the service is regulated by the Regulations on the passage of military service by citizens of Ukraine in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, approved by Decree of the President of Ukraine dated December 10, 2008 No. 1153/2008.
  • To get an attitude, you need to contact the commander of the military unit directly with the appropriate report. The report should justify the reasons why this attitude is necessary, and, if possible, provide supporting documents (for example, a certificate of the place of residence of a family with three minor children). After considering the report, the unit commander issues the desired document to the military.

Note. However, there are cases when a serviceman is denied a relationship or a report is considered by the commander of a military unit for months. In this case, attention should be paid to paragraph 110 of the Disciplinary Regulations, according to which military personnel are not deprived of the right to file complaints in case of violation of their rights.

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