Mobilization in Ukraine: main changes in the rules for issuing military tickets


Mobilization in Ukraine: main changes in the rules for issuing military tickets

How the rules for issuing military tickets have changed/Photo from Facebook of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the conditions of martial law in our state, the mobilization of citizens into the army continues. The rules have changed in order to issue a military ID to those who have not yet received it.

President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on changes to the regulation on a military ID. The innovation was explained by the head of the volunteer movement “Lawyers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, lawyer Evgenia Ryabeka.

Who else will be given a military ID

Previously, only those who were liable for military service received it. According to the changes, now it will also be issued to reservists and all members of other military formations.

According to the lawyer, the Verkhovna Rada has legally secured the possibility, in the event of a critical threat to the state, to instantly attract reservists without mobilization. They are provided with all the social benefits and guarantees provided for the mobilized.

In Ukraine, military tickets will now also be issued if they belong to higher military educational institutions and military educational units of higher education.

Who issues the ticket and what changes are there in it

Until now, in Ukraine, military tickets were issued by regional military commissariats. Now they are replaced by recruitment and social support centers.

As for the changes, only the name and surname of a person will be written on military cards. Middle name is no longer required.

How to return a ticket and when it can be withdrawn

A military ID must be returned if a serviceman, including a reservist, travels abroad for more than three months. He must give the document to the territorial recruitment and social support center and receive a certificate instead.

Military SBU and foreign intelligence must hand over military tickets to their special forces and receive a certificate.

At the same time, there is cases when a military ID is withdrawn. It used to be when he was taken into custody. Now the document will be seized after the verdict, when a person is sentenced to imprisonment or restriction of freedom.

Mobilization in Ukraine

  • The main innovation that has been discussed in recent days is that from October 1, the Ministry of Defense will begin to take women into military registration. This applies to Ukrainian women, whose specialty is included in the approved list of professions. The law on military duty and military service says that women in peacetime can only be accepted on a voluntary basis.
  • At the same time, Russia does not sleep and wants to create conflicts within Ukrainian society. In particular, the enemy tried to spread a fake that Ukraine would forcibly mobilize women. The inventions of the Russians have nothing to do with reality.
  • It should also be noted that under the conditions of mobilization, institutions, organizations and enterprises have the right to book conscripted workers. Booking volumes are determined in accordance with the required number of employees who can ensure the operation of an institution, enterprise, organization or government body during martial law.

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