Mobilization in Ukraine: which of the men with disabilities is prohibited from traveling abroad


Mobilization in Ukraine: which of the disabled men is banned from traveling abroad

Martial law and general mobilization continue in Ukraine. Men from 18 to 60 years old are subject to the draft.

Men with disabilities cannot be called. However, not all of them can go abroad. Channel 24 will tell you more about this.

In what cases is it forbidden for men with disabilities to travel abroad

Men persons with disabilities will not be released abroad if documents confirming disability were obtained abroad.

Also, persons with disabilities cannot leave Ukraine if they provide documents for the TCC with a mark/entry “removed from military registration” .

Pay attention!Primary accounting form No. 157-1/o, which previously allowed men with disabilities to cross the border, is no longer valid.

This mark does not confirm either disability or unfitness for military service in wartime for health reasons.

What documents do men with disabilities need to have to travel abroad< /h2>

  • A certificate confirming the corresponding status,
  • Retirement or social assistance certificate
  • Certificate for benefits for persons with disabilities who are not entitled to a pension or social assistance.

Important! Men with III group of disability can be mobilized for military service of their own free will. In this case, they are not subject to travel abroad on a general basis.

Mobilization in Ukraine: latest news

  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the military leadership received the task to create reserves of personnel. This is necessary so that the defenders can recuperate after hostilities.
  • Currently, there are no waves of mobilization in Ukraine. In most cases, citizens are called to the territorial recruitment centers to clarify their military registration data.
  • Military registration of Ukrainians will go through the Unified State Register of conscripts, conscripts and reservists. And the Action should soon have a new service – an electronic military ID.

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