Mobilized Russians are thrown into the war without food and equipment – Lugansk OVA

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Mobilized Russians are thrown into the war without food and equipment – Luhansk OVA

Invaders in the temporarily occupied regions of the Luhansk region do not provide mobilized men with food or equipment.< /p>

In Alchevsk, on the territory of the so-called “LPR”, rescuers are being taken into the ranks of the occupying army, and the mobilized Russians are not supplied with food or equipment.

This is reported by the Luhansk OVA.


It is also noted that the occupiers have adopted a law on a referendum and are forming the first composition of the election commission after two pseudo-votes. Thus, the deputies of the “People's Council of the LPR” recently adopted the law “On the system of election commissions, referendum commissions in the Luhansk People's Republic”.

This act, in particular, provides for the rights and obligations of members of the election commission of the “republic” the first composition, which will be formed of 12 members for a period of five years.

“That is, during the organization of the last voting, this commission did not exist. Luhansk OVA.

Let us remind you that units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to carry out offensive operations in the area of ​​​​Svatovoe and Kremennaya Luhansk regions. Ukrainian defenders repelled the offensive of the Russian invaders in the Novoselovsky area (15 km northwest of Svatovoe).

Military expert Dmitry Snegirev noted that during the liberation of the city of Kremennaya, Luhansk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can create conditions for an operational encirclement 15- thousandth Russian group of troops. The occupiers understand the danger and are trying to interfere with the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with counter attacks.

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