Module “Science” successfully launched into orbit

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The Proton-M launch vehicle launched the Nauka laboratory module intended for the International Space Station (ISS) into low-Earth orbit. Roskosmos reported that the module opened up the antennas and solar panels and began transmitting images to Earth.

“We get the first picture from the” Science “module,” – indicated on Twitter “Roskosmos”. Docking of Nauka with the ISS is scheduled for July 29.

The development of the Science module began in 1995. Initially, the module was supposed to become part of the Russian segment of the ISS by 2007, but the launch was repeatedly postponed. The launch of the Nauka module into orbit also became the first application of the Proton-M in a year: in July 2020, the launch vehicle launched the Express-80 and Express-103 communication satellites into orbit.

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