Moldova demanded to close US military biological laboratories

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Moldova demanded to close US military biological laboratories

© Vitaly TimkivIn Moldova demanded to close the US military biological laboratories

The Communist Party of Moldova has joined the call for the closure of American military biological laboratories around the world, including in the CIS countries.

“Today, a campaign is unfolding all over the world, initiated by the left and the communist parties, to ban the military biological laboratories of the United States of America, opened in various states, including the CIS countries,” RIA Novosti quotes the party press service.

It is noted that the Moldovan Communist Party fully supports this initiative.

The party noted that, according to media reports, a similar laboratory can operate on the territory of Moldova.

On August 6, Deputy Director of the Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexei Zaitsev, announced that the Pentagon had put on stream the construction and modernization of microbiological laboratories in the countries of the former USSR.

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