Money was taken away, they are not allowed into Crimea: supporters of the Russian world do not do business under the occupiers


The money was taken away, they are not allowed into Crimea: supporters of the Russian world do not do business under the occupiers

The occupiers in the Kherson region terrorize even their own fans/Illustrative collage of Channel 24

Russians rob and terrorize Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories. They do not even spare those who were waiting for their arrival and openly supported Russia.

In particular, the invaders took everything from the family from Kherson, which was supportive of the Russian world. The history of the previously “cotton” family was exclusively told by Kherson partisans to Channel 24.

The invaders mock even their supporters

According to the partisan, before the start of the full-scale invasion, the Kherson family owned a business. After the arrival of the Russian world, for which the family openly supported, they lost everything, and the attempt at a new “side job” failed. ) had two stores. Now none of them are working, because everyone is,” said an activist from Kherson.

Already under occupation, the son of the owner decided to start a new business in order to somehow earn money – he began to go for sugar in Dzhankoy. However, here, too, the family of would-be entrepreneurs was in trouble.

One ​​trip (the son of the owner of closed stores – ed. Channel 24) did well. On the second one, the FSB clung to him – took all the money and forbade him to travel to Crimea, – the Kherson resident noted.

By the way, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are gradually advancing in the South and massively destroy the warehouses of the invaders with ammunition and equipment. Meanwhile, partisans on the ground are helping our defenders and defenders to drive out the invaders from Kherson.

In particular, recently an attempt was made to assassinate the Gauleiter of the Russians Vladimir Saldo strong>. Unfortunately, the explosives intended for the collaborator were found. Earlier, thanks to the partisans, a number of Ukrainian traitors in the Kherson region were killed and injured.

The latest news from the Kherson region

  • Ukrainian intelligence intercepted a recent Russian telephone conversation. One of the infidels said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the most important command of the invaders in the Kherson direction. He said that at least 12 representatives of the top leadership of the occupying army were killed.
  • The head of the Joint Coordination Headquarters of the Southern Defense Forces, Natalya Gumenyuk, said that preparations for the de-occupation of the South have been ongoing since February 24 – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are working daily to free the territory of the region. According to her, with the receipt of even more Western weapons, the de-occupation will proceed more dynamically.
  • Meanwhile, intelligence reported that on July 11, 6 refrigerators with the bodies of dead invaders left Chernobaevka for Crimea. At the same time, some of the liquidated Russians had to be burned in a local dump near Kherson.
  • In the evening of July 11, powerful explosions were again heard in the temporarily occupied Novaya Kakhovka at the local military composition of the invaders.

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