Montenegro holds presidential elections

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Montenegro holds presidential elections

Seven candidates are taking part.

On Sunday, March 19, Montenegro hosts the first round of presidential elections. Seven candidates take part in the voting. In particular, the current head of state, Milo Djukanovic.

Correspondents of “European Truth” report about it.

The main opponent of Djukanovic in the elections is the head of the “Democratic Front” Andrei Mandic. By the way, the politician seeks closer ties with Serbia and Russia. The pro-Western economist and deputy head of the Europe Now movement, Yakov Milatovich, also competes strongly with the current president.

By the way, to win in the first round of elections, you need to get more than 50%. However, opinion polls indicate a high probability of a second round, scheduled for April 2.

It should be noted that opponents accuse Djukanovic and his “Democratic Party of Socialists” of corruption and links to organized crime. Djukanovic and his team deny the allegations.

Recall that the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that Kosovo and Serbia agreed on an action plan to normalize relations . Representatives of the countries agreed on an appropriate agreement with the assistance of the European Union.

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