More help or new risks: what can Ukraine expect from Liz Truss, the new British Prime Minister


More help or new risks: what can Ukraine expect from Liz Truss – the new British prime minister

The UK is on the brink of massive change. So, Liz Truss, a balanced and supportive politician for Ukraine, became the new prime minister there. Liz Truss has become the 15th British Prime Minister to be appointed by Queen Elizabeth II. 2 days later, Her Majesty died at the age of 97.

Channel 24 websiteasked experts about what to expect from Liz Truss as prime minister and whether the country's policy towards Ukraine and Russia will change.

In July, Boris Johnson announced his resignation from the post of prime minister after the scandal with the appointment to one of the positions in the Conservative Party of a politician suspected of sexual harassment. After that, the election race for the chair of the prime minister and the head of the ruling party of the country began in the UK.

The majority of the votes went to Liz Truss, who in the government of Boris Johnson was the head of the Foreign Office. The first foreign leader with whom the new prime minister had a conversation was President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. He invited Liz Truss to Ukraine, and she accepted the invitation.

Dmytro Sinchenko, chairman of the Association of Political Sciences, noted that neither the vector, nor the size, nor the pace, nor the political will to help Ukraine among the British will change with the arrival of the new prime minister for many reasons.

Firstly, in In the United Kingdom, there is a general political consensus on the Ukrainian issue, so the question of helping or not is not worth it at all. Definitely helping – any prime minister of any party would say that.

Liz Truss will continue the work of Boris Johnson/Photo by AP

At the same time, Liz Truss was the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Boris Johnson, it was she who implemented the policy of maximum assistance and support to Ukraine. Therefore, this work will definitely be continued at the same, and possibly even at the highest level, – said Sinchenko.

Maxim Dzhigun, a political scientist, co-founder of the consulting company Good Politics, said that Liz Truss is a rather interesting politician, because she supported him from the first to the last day of Boris Johnson's tenure. Even after the latest scandals that led to Johnson's resignation, she expressed active support for him.

In her debates and discussions with opponents and supporters, she has repeatedly stated that she will continue the policy towards Ukraine that Johnson led. For Ukraine, this is a great sign, because Johnson's position was very clear, tough and unequivocal in relation to Russia. Therefore, it is obvious that Liz Truss will continue the manner and behavior that Johnson started, explained Dzhigun.

He added that another factor in favor of the fact that the UK's position towards Ukraine will not change is the fact that Liz Truss worked as foreign secretary in the government of Boris Johnson. This is a position that requires clear coordination between the prime minister and the minister. Liz Truss did an excellent job with this position and carried out everything in the best traditions of Johnson's foreign policy doctrine. And this will be seen in her steps even after moving from one office to another in the government quarter.

Evgeny Savisko, expert of the public movement “All Together!”, believes that Liz Truss is a conscious and consistent ally of Ukraine. It should be expected that the directions and volumes of assistance to our state will expand. There will be military, humanitarian, economic and social components.

Britain will send funds to restore Ukraine/Photo by AR

Moreover, a significant part of the support will be provided taking into account the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. British capital is already looking into what areas of the economy and regions of our country can be invested in after the Victory. And here there will be full support for the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, says Savisko.

Dmitry Sinchenko says that as long as Russian aggression continues, more and more new sanctions will appear. The democratic world has declared a desire to support Ukraine, help us survive and win the war with Russia, so they will continue to increase sanctions pressure.

The UK, as usual, will be one of the main drivers of this process. Liz Truss in her speech declared the need for sanctions against Russia, and there is no doubt that she will continue to move this topic forward, says Sinchenko.

Maxim Dzhigun is convinced that Truss will act primarily in his image interests, in the interests of British society. Because for her, the interests of her citizens and what position they have on this or that issue mean a lot. There is a little danger in this, because at one time she was an active liberal in Britain, defended the disappearance of the monarchy, because then there was a request for this and society demanded it.

“I would describe her as a certain weather vane, dependent on the mood of citizens in Britain. Therefore, on the issue of sanctions, everything will depend on how British society perceives further sanctions. So far, the British have given a fairly unambiguous answer to Russian aggression and condemned it.” Therefore, I think that there should be no problems, but the position of the United States and Europe is important, because they act together and build a common vision for Ukraine and Putin's Russia,” concludes Dzhigun.

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