More than 100 tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the world: which countries and how many combat vehicles will be transferred


More than 100 tanks for the APU from the world: which countries and how many combat vehicles will be transferred< /p>

Germany has officially agreed to transfer Leopard tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, Berlin allowed the re-export of tanks to Ukraine from the allies.

Poland was the first to announce the transfer of Leopard tanks on January 11, 2023. Subsequently, other countries joined in. The decision was only for Olaf Scholz. It was approved by the German Chancellor on January 25.

During a visit to Lvov Andrzej Duda announced the transfer of a company of tanks to Ukraine as part of an international coalition. At that time, the Polish leader did not say exactly what the number was.

But already on January 17, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he said that 14 tanks would be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine – this is a company according to NATO standards. After all, a tank company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine consists of 10 tanks – one control tank and three platoons of three tanks each.

Germany will also transfer 14 tanks to Ukraine. Olaf Scholz said on January 25 that Berlin would provide Kyiv with a Leopard 2 company from the Bundeswehr.

Moreover, the German Chancellor said that the country wantsto gather 2 tank battalionsfor our state. The announced transfer of 14 tanks is the first step.

Reference. There are approximately 30-40 tanks in a battalion. It consists of several companies and individual platoons. The battalion is part of a regiment or brigade (1-8 thousand people).

The Netherlands also agreed to provide Ukraine with tanks. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “If the Dutch contribution helps, we are ready to do it.”

According to the official, the Netherlands can buy the tanks currently leased from Germany and transfer them to Ukraine.

According to the results of the Ramstein meeting, Mark Rutte reported that they were talking about buying 18 tanks for transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.< /p>Pay attention! After the talks between defense ministers at the Ramstein-8 meeting, 12 countries agreed that they would transfer about 100 Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

According to media reports, Portugal can provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with 4 Leopard tanks. A total of 37 German tanks are in service with Lisbon. Only 12 of them are completely ready for operation. That is, the country is actually ready to provide a third of its tanks.

Norway is armed with 36 German tanks. According to media reports, the state may transfer 8 Leopard units to Ukraine. This issue was probably considered on January 23 at a closed meeting of the enlarged committee on foreign affairs and defense.

The main advantages of Leopard tanks/Channel 24 infographics

Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonsson said that in the future Ukraine could receive Stridsvagn 122 tanks – this is a Swedish main battle tank licensed by the German Leopard 2A5, in the design of which various changes have been made.

According to the minister, at present the country is not preparing for the transfer of tanks, but this may happen later.

Stockholm has approximately 120 combat vehicles.

According to journalists, Spain bought 53 tanks back in 1998. Approximately 20 of them are in good condition.

According to the local press, Ukraine can count on several dozen Leopards from Spain. Although Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was the first to call for tanks to be provided to Ukraine in the summer of 2022, however, over time, their Defense Minister Margarita Robles assured that their Leopards were in a “completely deplorable” state. So it is simply impossible to use such tanks.

France became the first country that agreed to transfer samples of Western armored vehicles to Ukraine. In particular, French President Emmanuel Macron on January 4 announced the transfer of AMX-10 RC light tanks and ACMAT Bastion armored personnel carriers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now the number of tanks is unknown. As for the Bastion, the French media wrote that it was said about 20 units.

< p>Finland is also considering the option of transferring tanks to Ukraine. Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto confirmed on January 25 that they are:

  • ready in one way or another to join the coalition of allies helping Ukraine get Western tanks;
  • determine the format of participation.

We in Finland also have Leopard tanks, and we have already stated that if there is a common package – and now, I hope, Germany will join this package – we will be ready to take part in this in one way or another. – said Haavisto.

According to him, they are talking about the transfer not only of the machines themselves, but also of other related needs. For example, the training of personnel.

Finnish President Sauli Niinio also spoke about a good infrastructure for studying during his visit to Kyiv on January 24.

In addition, according to ABC News, 12 countries agreed to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine Denmark is also on the list.

According to Spiegel, Ukraine will receive approximately 80 Leopard main battle tanks for two battalions from Europe.

That is, European countries plan to create two battalions in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to 40 Leopard battle tanks each.

According to the publication, three battalions will form:

  • the first – Germany, together with the Spaniards, the Netherlands and the Finns Leopard 2A6 tanks;
  • second – Poles and Norwegians with Leopard 2А4 models;
  • the third is the United States with 30 M1 Abrams main battle tanks.

The American press began to write about the possible transfer of American Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

According to journalists, this is part of a broader diplomatic agreement with Germany. Under which Berlin will agree to send a smaller number of its own Leopard 2 tanks, but will approve the supply of more tanks by Ukrainian partners.

The CNN publication stated that the United States is ready to send 30 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. However, the timing of the supply is unknown, because weapons are not given without prior training.

However, on the evening of January 25, the US President will make a statement on the provision of military assistance to Ukraine.

During a conversation with Vladimir Zelensky 14 January Rishi Sunak said that the UK will provide Ukraine with Challenger 2 tanks and additional artillery systems to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the fight against Russia.

Subsequently, the country's Minister of Defense Ben Wallace assured that Britain would give us a squadron of tanks. Challenger 2 – 14 combat vehicles.

Pay attention! Germany may transfer tanks to Ukraine in three months. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced this on January 25 on the sidelines of the Bundestag after a meeting of the defense committee. According to him, the Bundeswehr “very quickly” will begin training Ukrainian soldiers to work on the tank. The timing of the transfer of tanks to other countries has not yet been officially announced.

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