More than 20 countries have restricted air traffic due to COVID-19 mutation

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More than 20 countries have restricted air traffic due to COVID-19 mutation

Heathrow airport

More than 20 countries around the world have suspended transport links with the UK amid a new mutation of the coronavirus. This was reported by the Sky News TV channel.

Restrictions on entry from the UK were introduced mainly by European countries. The authorities of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, France and the Czech Republic have decided to temporarily suspend flights with the UK. Portugal only allowed its citizens to enter the UK. Sweden plans to officially add to the list of countries that have banned entry from the UK on December 21. Spain also plans to suspend flights if similar measures are not taken at the level of the entire European Union.

Similar measures have been taken in other parts of the world. Canada has suspended flights to the UK for 72 hours. Israel has banned entry from the UK to anyone except its own citizens. Turkey has suspended flights with the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa, where a new mutation of the coronavirus has also been found. The authorities of Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina and Morocco have also cut off flights from the UK. Saudi Arabia completely closed its borders and stopped flights for a week.

An emergency meeting of the European Union is expected to take place on December 21, which will discuss the introduction of restrictions on transport links with the UK at the level of all 27 member states.

The mutated virus has also been found in patients in the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and Italy. According to experts, while it is impossible to talk about its greater danger and reduced susceptibility to vaccines.

On December 14, UK Health Minister Matthew Hancock announced that a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 has been identified in the country, which is spreading faster than the original form. The virus spreads more easily from person to person and is therefore more contagious, he said.

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