More than 3,000 ATB employees serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: how the company supports them and their families


More than 3,000 ATB employees serve in the Armed Forces: how the company supports them and their families

ATB Corporation has already paid more than 10 million hryvnias to the families of those killed in the war and wounded employees. In total, more than 3,000 employees of the company joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The invasion of the occupying forces into the territory of Ukraine, unprecedented for the European continent in the 21st century, forever changed our lives. We have learned, in fact, to appreciate every day, freedom, friendship, time spent with loved ones, we have learned to enjoy simple things. Even as mundane as fresh food on your own table, the employer's warm and humane attitude, a calm sky above your head.

In such a difficult time, one of the largest employers in the country, the leader of the domestic retail industry, ATB focuses on maintaining its human resource potential, but also sincerely supports its employees. This position of the company is dictated by the war, heavy losses and pain that brought suffering to the strong ATB family in the first days of hostilities.

How ATB supports the wounded and the families of the dead

According to the company's updated data, 54 employees of the enterprises that are part of the ATB corporation have already paid the highest price – gave their lives defending the independence and sovereignty of our country . More than 100 were injured of varying degrees of severity in battles with the occupier, and some during brutal rocket attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities.

As a patriotic and responsible business, ATB supports employees and their families. An addition was made to the personnel policy of the corporation's enterprises on the payment of material assistance to the wounded during the hostilities and the families of the dead employees. Specifically:

  • in the event of the death of an ATB worker mobilized for the front, the so-called basic allowance amount is paid, to which is attached an additional payment for each minor child in his family. This does not depend on whether a person died in battle or died in a hospital from injuries received during the performance of military duty. The family also receives additional financial assistance for a worthy burial of their hero.
  • The company pays financial assistance to the wounded workers of “ATB” for treatment and rehabilitation.

For 6 months of the war, the total amount of more than 10 million hryvnias in aid paid by the ATB corporation to the families of the dead and injured workers.

More than 3,000 ATB employees joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In total, more than 50 thousand citizens are officially employed in the companies that are part of the ATB corporation, including the flagship enterprise – the ATB retail chain beloved by Ukrainians.

As of the current time, it is already more than 3 thousand of them joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,changed their usual uniforms for military equipment and took up military weapons. Before the war, these were drivers, employees of warehouse centers, the staff of supermarkets familiar to each of us (security guards, cashiers, etc.). But now these heroes have already inscribed their names in the modern history of Ukraine, having done the seemingly impossible – breaking the plans of infidels, stopping the enemy, whose numbers and firepower at the beginning of the war exceeded ours by dozens of times.

Meanwhile their colleagues switched to a special mode of operation, providing our defenders with a reliable, solid rear. It is thanks to their efforts that on the shelves of more than a thousand convenience stores of the network in all corners of the country (except for the temporarily occupied territories) a wide range of fresh products and good-quality essential goods is presented daily. These people selflessly work for the domestic economy, providing millions of Ukrainians with the opportunity to purchase guaranteed fresh products and high-quality essential goods every day. They raise funds to support the army, treat wounded children, and consistently fill the budgets of all levels. In a word, they keep the line at the forefront of the country's food and economic security and day by day bring our common victory closer.

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