More than 60 foreigners were “deployed” in Poland and two Ukrainians were detained for assisting illegal migrants

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 In Poland

For a day, Poland made a decision about 10 people about countries.

Over the past 24 hours, on December 3, migrants again tried to break through into Poland from the territory of Belarus, 62 attempts were recorded. Polish border guards detained two Ukrainians who facilitated illegal border crossing by migrants from Belarus.

This was announced on Twitter by the Polish border service.

“Last day, December 3, there were 62 attempts to cross Border service officers made 10 decisions to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland. 4 people were arrested for complicity: two citizens of Ukraine, one citizen of Afghanistan and one citizen of Poland, “the message says.

As you know, Belarus provoked the migration crisis on its borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Illegals from Iraq, Syria and African countries are arriving in Minsk en masse, and the Belarusian border service helps migrants get to the EU. Passing refugees was the Lukashenka regime's response to Western sanctions.

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