More than 70% of those who have recovered from coronavirus for months are fighting the consequences of the disease

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More than 70% of those who have recovered from the coronavirus struggle with the consequences of the disease for months

70.2% of people who have had coronavirus cannot get rid of the consequences of the disease for months. Most often, people suffer from shortness of breath, complain of increased fatigue and sleep disturbances. In total, 84 different symptoms were recorded. Ailments can be not only the consequences of the infection itself, but also of hospital stay.

What do patients complain about after coronavirus:

Fatigue – 40% of study participants

Shortness of breath -36%,

Sleep disturbance – 29%

“Fog in the head” – 25%,

Depression, anxiety, general pain and discomfort – 20%.

Lack of smell after a month – 11%,

Disturbance of taste sensations – 9%.

One in seven people who have been ill for a long time complains of chest pains. Moreover, the young age of patients does not protect them from the effects of infections. Such removal was announced in a study by scientists at Stanford University (USA).

– Being in the hospital, a person is subjected to forced limitation of motor and cognitive activity. This leads to disruption of the functioning of various organs, – confirms to Izvestia the head of the department of polyclinic therapy of the medical faculty of the Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogova Vera Larina.

Long-term symptoms are both physically and psychologically exhausting for the patient. At some point, it may seem to a person that life will never be the same, depression sets in.

Earlier it was reported that Russian scientists are working on a DNA biochip to detect coronavirus. A chip is a wafer with a silicon substrate measuring 25 x 75 mm and a working area – a set of platinum nanoelectrodes. A USB port, like a USB flash drive, connects the chip to a computer. When a sample of biomaterial is applied to the working area, a reaction occurs, RT reports.

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