More than 8 air strikes against the enemy in the East and South: APU destroyed many invaders and air defense systems


More than 8 airstrikes on the enemy in the East and South: AFU destroyed many invaders and air defense systems

Ukrainian Armed Forces launched 8 airstrikes against enemy troops in the East and South of Ukraine, as a result of which the combat equipment and means of air defense.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on the success of aviation. This helps ground groupings to act more effectively.

During the day, to support the actions of ground groupings, the aircraft of the Defense Forces made more than 8 strikes, during which military equipment, air defense equipment and a significant number of manpower in strongholds in the Donetsk and Yuzhnobuzh directions, the message says.

It is noted that air defense units in different directions destroyed one helicopter, UAV and 5 cruise missiles.

“Missile troops and artillery of ground groupings of troops continue to carry out the tasks of fire destruction of manpower and military equipment, counter-battery combat, disruption of the control system and logistical support of the enemy,” the General Staff added.

Destroyed warehouses, crossings and Air Defense

In addition, 6 enemy control points, including the corps level, were hit by fire. 3 objects of concentration of manpower of infidels were destroyed.

9 air defense systems got into the affected area. At the same time, electronic reconnaissance and warfare equipment, communication stations, pontoon and ferry crossings, 8 ammunition depots of various levels were destroyed, which significantly reduced the enemy’s ability to conduct offensive operations.

For more than 6 months since the start of a full-scale invasion, our fighters destroyed 50 150 infidels.

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