Moscow e-School is being integrated with independent online education platforms

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MOSCOW, April 29. / TASS /. The Moscow Electronic School (MES) is being integrated with independent electronic educational online platforms. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced this on Thursday.

“How to combine the pleasure of playing with the learning process is exactly the task that you are able to solve, and we will be happy to cooperate with you. We decided to make our platform completely state-owned, which we manage and administer. But the services are already commercial, those that find recognition in the market, and not by us, but by consumers, “Sobyanin said during a meeting with representatives of companies that develop educational content for the MES at the Temocenter city educational institution

The mayor noted that the integration of the MES with digital educational platforms will provide Moscow schoolchildren with access to a wide range of modern and high-quality digital educational materials. “Today we have built a good cooperation with the publishing house” Education “, with” Yandex “,” “and so on. Such, quite serious partners. So, today we are taking another step, selecting a number of developers with first-class educational content, and We hope that by the next academic year we will launch it, “Sobyanin said.

As the press service of the mayor and the government of the capital added, from 2021 Moscow will provide grants for the supply of professional educational content that will be integrated into the MES thematic framework. The first recipients of grants will be large development companies – MEO (Mobile Electronic Education), Physicon, Algorithmika, GlobalLab and 01mathematics.

“They will bring new types of content and services to the MES: projects and research tasks, virtual laboratories and workshops, functional literacy simulators, educational materials for children with disabilities, and much more. introduction and use of updated content and educational services, “the press service said.

Preparing for integration

“The Moscow Electronic School is probably the largest educational platform not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world. It covers two million students, teachers, parents, and, in fact, is available today not only for Russian teachers and students, but and is open to the whole world. We collected such a mountain of materials in which we ourselves began to drown. Therefore, we devoted the last year to systematize these processes, to clearly identify educational aids, etc., so that it is convenient for teachers and for students, “explained Sobyanin.

As the press service of the mayor and the Moscow government clarified, in order to switch to long-term cooperation with producers of digital educational content in 2020-2021, the Moscow government has modernized and expanded the library of the Moscow electronic school. The library was loaded with educational materials from well-known manufacturers: the publishing houses “Enlightenment” and “Russian Textbook”, the companies “”, “YaKlass”, Skyeng, “Yandex.Tutor” and others.

In addition, a thematic framework has been created at the MES, which includes about 1,000 topics for study in primary, primary and secondary schools. The framework integrates the basic tools of the MES: thematic planning, quizzes, digital homework, and library materials. Thanks to the use of the wireframe, the teacher no longer needs to write lesson topics by hand, it is enough just to select them from the list. For each lesson, topic-related educational materials are automatically offered that can be studied in the classroom or asked at home, after which they will automatically be added to students' electronic diaries.

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