Moscow goes crazy with anger: when and why Putin's gang will backfire with a grain truce


Moscow goes crazy with anger: when and why Putin's gang will back down with a grain truce

When will Russia violate the “grain initiative”? The fact that she will break it – do not go to a fortuneteller. The Monitoring Group never had any doubts. And yesterday – today, the corresponding hints (stuffing) have already appeared in the media of the Russian Federation.

Sheepskin for murderers

The main criterion is this. We must proceed from the fact that Russia agreed to the Istanbul agreements for only one reason – they really need a ceasefire and a truce (with known goals), and they consider the grain agreements as a step towards a ceasefire.

So they will violate the grain agreements , as soon as they realize that any negotiations with Ukraine on a ceasefire are pipe dreams.

The bull has already seen a red rag

Well, from August 23, you need to be even more careful, because the partner in the “grain initiative” – ​​the President of Turkey – spoke unambiguously about the de-occupation of Crimea.

And even said that “Turkey stands for a just peace, based on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.” We are sure that people in Moscow are already going crazy with anger.

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