Moscow needs a breather – Feigin suggested what Russia will do in the near future


Moscow needs a breather, – Feigin suggested what Russia will do in the near future

Russia is unable to attack Kyiv again (illustrative photo)/Getty Images

Russian media reported that the Kremlin was once again discussing a possible assault on Kyiv and was hoping for a full-scale victory in the war against Ukraine. However, the Russian army has nothing to go on the offensive against the Ukrainian capital again.

Human rights activist Mark Feygin told Channel 24 about this. Russia does not have the strength to return to Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel again.

“Where are these troops? This means that you need to” remove “them from the East of Ukraine and send them to where they were already. And what then in the East?”, – said the human rights activist.

According to Feigin, perhaps the Kremlin really has some plans for this and someone says that now their army can handle it. However, even if Russia is able to replenish its personnel, it will not provide them with weapons.

Moscow needs a breather, – Feygin suggested what Russia will do in the near future

< h4>Mark Feigin

Human rights activist

In them, T-60 tanks appear in the east. This suggests that they simply do not have weapons. There is nothing to move on Kyiv.

As Feigin noted, now the Russian invaders will try to gain a foothold in those territories that they temporarily occupied.

“Honestly, I do not I understand what they should attack and where to go. Moscow needs a breather,” the human rights activist added.

Russia's war against Ukraine: important news

  • On May 28, the Ukrainian military repelled 7 attacks by Russian invaders in the zone of the Joint Forces Operation. Fighting continues at three more locations.
  • Russian missiles hit a plant in Krivoy Rog. As a result, the enterprise was almost destroyed.
  • The invaders once again treacherously fired at the Sumy region. They launched unguided missiles from the aircraft.
  • According to the General Staff, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an attack on the territory of the Kherson region. The Russians were forced to retreat and are now defending themselves on unfavorable lines.
  • Heavy battles are going on in the Luhansk region. The Russian military came close to Severodonetsk. Therefore, the ways out of the city are difficult.
  • Ukrainian defenders in the South launched a counteroffensive. They inflicted serious losses on the Russian occupiers.
  • On the morning of May 28, the occupiers fired on a residential area of ​​Nikolaev. As a result, a woman died, and another 7 people were injured.

Feigin suggested what Russia would do in the near future: watch the video

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