Moscow residents will see the May Aquarids meteor shower

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Moscow residents will see the May Aquarids meteor shower

Residents of Moscow and the Moscow region will be able to see a rare natural phenomenon. At the beginning of May, a starfall will be seen in the capital's sky. The peak of the May Aquarids meteor shower will be on April 5 and 6. This was reported in the Moscow Planetarium.

The stream was born by Halley's comet. Starfall will continue throughout the month, but peak dates are predicted to be in early May. On these dates, it is possible to see up to fifty meteors per hour.

The celestial event is expected to be clearly visible. Only the moon can interfere somewhat with the observation.

By the way, this is not the only rare natural phenomenon that will occur in May. On May 26, three lunar events are expected at once – perigee, full moon and total eclipse.

Moreover, the Russians will be able to see the Super Moon – this will be the largest moon in 2021.

But the full phase of the eclipse can be observed only in the Far East, according to the Moscow region today.

Earlier it was reported that astronomers have discovered a new star in the constellation Sagittarius. The new star was recorded on March 25 by the American automated system ASAS-SN. At the same time, Japanese amateur astronomer Hideo Nishimura noticed her. This was reported by the “360” TV channel.

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