Most of the wounded brought to Lviv are civilians, not military – Sadovy


Most of the wounded who are brought to Lviv are civilians, not military men – Sadovy

Andriy Sadovy/Photo from the LODA press service

Wounded people who were evacuated from areas where hostilities are taking place are brought to Lviv. And most often these are not the military, but civilians who suffered from the war.

Andrey Sadovy, the mayor of Lviv, told Channel 24 about this.

He emphasized that the international community is somewhat shocked, but there are 5 times more civilians in Lviv with military injuries than fighters.

Most of the people who come to Lviv with severe injuries – women, children and the elderly. And it's emotionally difficult to see with your own eyes, – says Sadovy.

The mayor of Lviv confirmed that they want to build one of the most powerful rehabilitation centers in Europe in the city. It will be created on the basis of the First Medical Association, the largest in Ukraine.

According to him, the war provoked the construction of such rehabilitation centers. At one time, this was done in Israel, the USA, etc. Ukraine is studying the experience of these countries.

There is even a working title for this project – “Indestructible”. “As invincible are all our Ukrainians, so are our people who were injured,” Sadovyi said.

The mayor of Lvov spoke about the wounded. ” Someone stepped on a mine, someone got bombed, these people will need help for the next few years, there will be psychological rehabilitation,” he added.

Establishment of a rehabilitation center in Lviv: the main thing

  • The mayor noted that Lviv hospitals are currently treating more than 1,000 patients from hot spots, including people with limbless mine-explosive injuries.
  • That is why a large project “Indestructible” is being opened in Lviv, within the framework of which the construction of a national rehabilitation center will take place. has been going on for more than a month.
  • It is planned that the center will provide prosthetics, rehabilitation and socialization, as well as provide psychological support, which is now so necessary for a huge number of Ukrainians.
  • Officially, the project ” Indestructible” starts on June 10 and will begin with a big conference of partners ditch. It will be attended by foundations and embassies that have already agreed to cooperate.

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