Most regions of Ukraine with light: which cities will not turn off electricity on February 15


However, as a result of damage to Ukrenergo's networks, stabilization shutdowns are possible in some power hubs according to the schedule. /h2>

At the same time, due to network restrictions, stabilization shutdowns will operate in the Odessa region on February 15.

On February 15, there are no plans to limit power supply in the Vinnytsia region. Thus, by joint efforts, power engineers manage to keep the balance of generation and consumption, as well as the distribution of electricity at the required level to meet the needs of consumers.

Considering that power engineers have managed to stabilize the situation with the distribution of electricity, there will be no outages on February 15.

However, in case of network overload or other unforeseen circumstances, outages can be restored according to schedules.

The “unlimited” power brought by Ukrenergo for the Rivne region today allows not apply planned outage schedules.

The volume of generation provides the need for electricity for the region, there is no shortage of power, so there is no need for power supply restrictions. there will be light”>In Transcarpathia, everyone will be with light

On February 15, in the schedule of stabilization switching on and power outages in Transcarpathia, there will be only white cells, that is, all residents of the region will be with light.

February 15 power outage according to the schedule in the city of Sumy and the region is not planned. From 00:00 to 24:00, measurements of the hourly electrical load in the Sumy region will be carried out.

As of 8 am on February 15 in the Nikolaev region, no electricity consumption limits have been set. There is no shortage in the energy system. So, there will be light in the region all day long.

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