Most Russians will be banned from entering Estonia soon


Most Russians will be banned from entering Estonia soon

Estonia aims to stop most Russians from entering the country within a few weeks. We are talking about a complete blocking of border crossings for tourist visas.

On August 31, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsal spoke about such plans. He stressed that this can only be done in cooperation with regional partners.

Estonians want to reduce the number of Russians in the country

According to the minister, only over the past six months, about 300,000 Russians have entered the country. Yet the population of Estonia is only 1.3 million.

It takes some time (blocking Russian visas – channel 24), but I think time is also of the essence, looking at such a huge number of Russian citizens entering. I would very much welcome… a decision in the coming days, in the coming weeks, according to which we, in full compliance with the Schengen visa code, will ban these people from Russia from entering our national territories,” said Reinsalu.

It is important that we are talking about any tourist visas. That is, even the fact that they previously received a Schengen in Estonia will not help the Russians.

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