Mother refuses to let daughter unvaccinated from COVID-19 into family pub

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Mother refuses to let daughter unvaccinated from COVID-19 into family pub

The owner of a pub from the UK refused to let her own daughter into the establishment due to the fact that she had not been vaccinated against COVID-19. This is reported by Metro.

Shelley Jones of Plymouth, Devon, decided to serve only vaccinated customers at the family establishment. The new rules even apply to the next of kin. “When my daughter appeared at the door, I said:“ Sorry, but you can't come here, ”said the principled mother.

Previously, Jones and her husband refused to visit the elderly, because they have a greater chance of contracting the new coronavirus infection, but in the end they decided to ban entry to all unvaccinated people.

“I know that this will not stop the spread of the infection, but my father, who usually sits in the hall, is 90 years old. Many young people hug him when they go home after drinking. Now I know that I did everything to keep him safe, ”Jones shared her opinion.

The husband of the owner of the pub Martin said that the average age of their customers is approaching 55 years, and many refused to visit the establishment, knowing that it could be crowded with young people. The man added that this decision is intended to protect loyal customers who have stayed with the institution for many years and supported it during the pandemic.

Earlier it was reported that a young Australian woman, who denied the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, became infected and spoke about the terrible symptoms of the disease. The girl suffered from nausea, pain when breathing, and when she tried to stand up, she immediately lost consciousness.

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