“Msta-S” and full of invaders: marines “harvest” in Donetsk and Kherson regions


"Msta-S" and Kherson regions

Ukrainian defenders daily give a worthy rebuff to the Russian invaders. They are liquidating the enemy personnel and their military equipment.

APU is destroying the invaders in Donetsk and Kherson regions

In particular, they are doing this is one of the most difficult areas. We are talking about the Donetsk and Kherson regions. Yes, the Ukrainian marines showed how they work for our victory.

The department reported that on September 6, in the Donetsk and Kherson directions, servicemen of military units and marines of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as part of groupings, steadfastly and courageously resisted the Russian invaders in the assigned sectors of the front.

Our artillery units attacked the accumulation of manpower and equipment of the occupiers, as a result of which 7 invaders and the Msta-S self-propelled howitzer were destroyed,” the report says.

At the same time, they emphasized that the final losses of the enemy are being specified.

APU in action: video

Enemy losses as of September 7

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Over the past day, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated another 460 enemy fighters. In total, 50,610 Russians were killed during the full-scale war. Considerable enemy losses in military equipment:

  • Tanks – 2097 (+20 over the past day) units;
  • armored combat vehicles – 4520 (+36) units;
  • artillery systems – 1194 (+15) units;
  • MLRS – 300 (+4) units;
  • air defense systems – 156 units;
  • aircraft – 237 (+1) units;
  • helicopters – 208 (+1) units;
  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 880 (+4) units;
  • cruise missiles – 214 (+5) units;
  • ships and boats – 15 units;
  • vehicles and tankers – 3320 (+15) units;
  • special equipment – 109 units.

On the topic – Losses of Russians as of September 7: watch the video

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