MTR thin out the ranks of the occupiers in Soledar: a powerful video of the battle


SOF thin the ranks of the occupiers in Soledar: powerful battle video

Russian propagandists are increasingly making claims about the capture of Soledar. However, the city is still under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

SSO soldiers are powerfully destroying the invaders in Soledar. The defenders even published a video of one of these battles.

How the battle went on

The exchange of fire between the Ukrainian military and the occupiers took place in urban areas. The MTR operator group, together with other units of the Defense Forces, held back numerous enemy attacks.

At a time when Russian commanders were driving their subordinates to slaughter, despite colossal losses, our soldiers used this as an opportunity to thin out the ranks of the enemy.

A powerful battle in Soledar: watch the video< /p>

Note that the units of the Special Operations Forces continue to work in this direction, professionally, destroying the Russian invaders.

Pay attention!Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian army has already lost 120,160 of its soldiers. In just one day, the Ukrainian military liquidated 860 invaders.

What is happening in the city

  • The Russians constantly announce that they have taken Soledar. According to Alexander Musienko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, this is one of the indicators of the occupiers' uncertainty.
  • In addition, hostilities are still ongoing in Soledar. Musienko stressed that the situation in the city has not yet been determined and it is not such that it can be stated that Russia has captured everything. He added that now time is being won to receive support from the West.
  • British intelligence noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly left Soledar. However, the General Staff does not confirm this statement. Moreover, Ukrainian defenders recently landed a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft there.
  • Alena Shevtsova, Advisor to the Command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated that Bakhmut and Soledar are under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She also noted that our military is already calling Soledar an analogue of Chernobaevka.

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