Muratov sold the Nobel medal for 103 million dollars: the money will go to the children of refugees from Ukraine


Muratov sold the Nobel medal for 103 million dollars: the money will go to the children of refugees from Ukraine

Muratov sold the Nobel medal/AFP

Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Russia's Novaya Gazeta, has sold his Nobel Peace Prize medal for $103.5 million.

Online trading begins 1 June, International Children's Day. Muratov said that the proceeds will be sent to UNICEF to help Ukrainian refugee children.

Record auction

The medal was sold to an unknown bidder. The auction went wildly, with applause, and the participants provoked each other to increase the total amount. It was noticed that Muratov was recording a video of the screen of the auction and those in the room. When the final offer, tens of millions of dollars more than the previous one, came in, many in the audience expressed shock, including Muratov.

for the conflict in Ukraine and who wants to return their future.

He added that it was important that the international sanctions imposed on Russia did not prevent humanitarian aid, in particular drugs against rare diseases and bone marrow transplants, from reaching those in need.

This should become the start of a flash mob as a role model for people to auction their valuables to help Ukrainians. Muratov said.

Melted down, 175 grams of gold in a medal will cost about 10,000 dollars. James Watson sold his medal the most so far in 2014 for $4.7 million. He received the Nobel Prize in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA.

Muratov's attitude to the war in Ukraine

Muratov shared the Nobel Peace Prize with journalist Maria Ressa from the Philippines. They were noted for fighting to preserve freedom of speech in their own countries. But his publication, Novaya Gazeta, adhered to all Russian restrictions and did not call the war in Ukraine a war, but used the terms voiced by the Russian authorities. Also, in the articles, Russia was not called an aggressor, it seemed that the war started by itself and no one attacked anyone.

It is also known that Muratov's daughter works as an adviser to Elvira Nabiullina, who is the head of the Central Bank of Russia. And the journalist himself recently flew from Russia to Western Europe, and from there to New York.

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