Muscovites get ready: the Russians are preparing to defend the capital


Moscovites get ready: Russians are preparing to defend the capital

The Kremlin decided not to wait for Rammstein to pass and Ukraine to receive a colossal amount of military equipment, weapons and ammunition. They obviously know something, and therefore, a day before this event, they began to strengthen Moscow's air defense.

The most important task of the Russian Ministry of Defense is to preserve Moscow< /h2>

They place systems to repel missile strikes directly on the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense. An anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Shell” was seen there. We have already burned a lot of them.

This is important, because the Russian mobilized soldiers, apparently, are discouraged and think: “Why are we recording videos and saying that we were promised that we would be on the first or third line of defense and would guard new territories of Russia”, and we were sent to hell itself”.

No need for these tearful texts, because Shoigu, Konashenkov and all the other Russian generals showed what they are now the most important task is to save Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that the tragedy in the Dnieper, that is, a Russian missile hit a residential building, happened because we deployed air defense in the city.Now they are doing the same thing as Lavrov said.

Russians are preparing for the bombing of Moscow

Muscovites, it's time! In Crimea, those who are smarter already They sell apartments and move deep into Russia, because it is safer there.

The deployment of these systems in Moscow is very revealing:

  • Russians unmasked air defense systems;
  • the situation is alarming. Why is this being done? They know that we will bomb Moscow. They thought that they could just shell Ukraine. But it's not.

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